New Year Updates!

Happy 2020 to you all! 2019 was another year of growth and changes. In June 2019, as most of you know, my practice became fully telehealth (video and phone counseling), which allowed me to pursue my own dreams and goals – because, practice what I preach, right?! This was a difficult decision for me as I knew that it would mean disruptions for others. However, many reported that this new format provided additional convenience for scheduling and making sure therapy happens despite our busy schedules. For others, I was happy to find providers in their communities who could provide continued face to face sessions.

As this new year rolls in, I’m appreciating seeing more and more who are committing or recommitting to therapy. Currently, I’m pursuing additional training/education in trauma therapies and other areas; with the aim that my continued growth will help me to best serve you. With EAP work, we can continue to be solutions-focused and boost coping skills, as that is the intent of the short-term work. Beyond that, I’m finding that many of us (as is common in human nature) continue to struggle with the narratives and stories we tell ourselves about situations, ourselves, and others. This can be in relation to traumatic events or just our general outlook on life. I have found that if we can make a habit of being aware of those stories and our “inner dialogue”, we can certainly find more helpful language and viewpoints that makes us better able to move forward to healthier relationships with ourselves and others.

Insurance changes may have occurred in January for many of you, so as a reminder, I am currently paneled with and accepting Cigna Insurance and the following EAP companies: ComPsych, Cigna EAP, and Health Advocate (though HA only allows phone sessions and not video). Please check to see if your benefits have changed (deductibles, co-pays, etc.) due to the new year. As mentioned in my previous post I choose to pay out of pocket for my therapist, because my insurance isn’t stellar and she does not take that insurance anyway. You can check to see if your insurance would reimburse you for out of network costs. We can also modify session frequency and come up with a plan for how to have check-ins with yourself in between our sessions, which is what we would want to be encouraging anyway! I also plan to create content that can assist with daily practice and more sustainable habits. As I have said to many, the idea is for you to practice what we do in session on a daily basis, as I only get to see you maybe 45-55 minutes each week!

As always, I’m open to feedback! What content or tools would be helpful for attaining your mind/body goals this year? Although we can’t be best friends forever (BFF) on social media, feel free to check in on the facebook and/or instagram pages for content, which I intend to be more consistent with! #2020goals

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