Taking Action

What do you think? Time for some positive change? I think so too.

It’s time for you to lead the life you want and deserve and my job is to help you navigate that path. It is my belief that every human has value and has the potential to continue growing and learning about her/himself. What I find most enjoyable about what I do is the opportunity to help people look at a situation or themselves in a different way and to reshape thoughts, beliefs, and behaviors. In turn, this then affects their relationships, jobs, feelings of self-worth, and other important aspects of life.

It’s been said that one of the most important aspects of therapy is the relationship between you and the therapist. That’s why you have the opportunity to call me first before setting up an appointment. Think of some things that are important to you and write them down; we can talk them through when you call me at 407-437-5076.

What you can expect from counseling:

  • A safe space to discuss anything
  • Therapeutic nudges if/when needed
  • Continued “check-ins” to make sure we are headed on the right path
  • Support and empathy from someone who truly believes in your potential

More to know:

  • I work with individuals and families. When working with children and teens, I strongly believe in the importance of including the parent(s).
  • We will work together to determine your goals and we will work towards those goals as efficiently as we can.
  • Sessions are usually 50-55 minutes, once per week.
  • I specialize in trauma, but also support those who are managing anxiety, depression, relationship issues, family dynamics, career matters, and more.
  • Please note that I do not complete assessments for FMLA, ADA, nor Emotional Support Animal Letters.
  • For more information, check out my “About” page.