Here is a link to a Referrals Google Sheets doc that I’d like to make more robust. Please email me with any recommendations and additions for this page

I have personally tried these apps/sites:

Daylio – This is a great way to gather and track data related to mood and behaviors. There are reminders to make note of how your day is and it is customizable to edit moods/activities. I especially like it because it helps us find correlations, which activities lead to better mood, days/times of the month that are better than others, etc.

Insight Timer-I use this every day and notice a major difference in my mood and interactions when I am meditating. There is a way to do silent meditation as well as many guided meditations. It’s fun that you see people around the world who are meditating with you, including those in Orlando and Central Florida.

Conscious – This gives you a daily challenge to be mindful and aware. For example, today’s: “Feel the vibe of the group-Whenever you enter a new environment, feel the vibe of the people there. Is it cheerful, gloomy, stressed, tired? Notice it and how it affects you. Is your vibe strong enough to change the one in the environment?”

Wunderlist – Need a way to outline your goals and hold yourself accountable? You can categorize your goals into separate checklists. The best part is the amazingly affirming *ding* when you complete a goal/to-do item.

Psychology Tools – Good resources to support self-help efforts and growth outside of our sessions.