After getting the opportunity to work with some social workers, fire fighters, teachers and other helpers in our community, I’ve found that I really enjoy supporting those that support others. I remember the secondary trauma I experienced myself as a younger social worker, the many times of burnout, and seeing those around me leave their professions due to the usually thankless, high-stress work environments.

If there is anything to be done to support you and keep you doing the important work you do, let’s make it easier for you to do this thing called “self-care”. Helpers tend to have interesting work hours; I offer flexibility during the day so that we can work around your schedule. And because it’s via video/online, you’re saved a commute to another office. All you need is an internet connection and device with video capabilities. Any questions? Feel free to call or message me at 407-437-5076. See you soon.

Spring Update – April 2019

I have so enjoyed working in my Orlando office and being in the Orlando area for many, many years. While there is never a perfect time for transitions such as this, I have decided that as of June 2019 I will be 100% providing video counseling, which allows me to see people located in Florida and Colorado, as I am licensed in both states. It may be something that people are not used to and I plan to offer free “try it out” sessions in the next few months. I prefer video counseling, but will also be available by telephone.

The platform I use is  No need to download anything; you just need to click on the link a few minutes before so that you can test your video/audio quality! Many more insurances and Employee Assistance Programs (EAP) now cover tele-therapy. Some allow live video-to-video therapy sessions, others allow telephone only.  If you are interested, please reach out to them or me to discuss further.  

The “client portal” will continue to be utilized to schedule appointments and I will do my best to keep the calendar up to date. The schedule can be accessed here: Client Portal  (

If you have any questions, feel free to call 407-437-5076 or message me through the Client Portal.

EMDR-What’s it about?

It’s magic y’all. Brain magic! Well…maybe it’s just neuroscience, but still…it can feel like magic when other therapies are not working for you.

EMDR or Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (Francine Shapiro has noted that she would have shortened the name, but it kind of took off…and now it’s too late) is a therapeutic method aimed at desensitizing sensitive subjects and reprocessing events/memories. While it has been found to be effective for addressing traumatic events, it has also been found to work well with other troubles such as anxiety and phobias.

Ok, ok. So the mechanics of EMDR look a little different than your typical talk therapy. The old school, traditional method of EMDR involves me waving my arm in front of your eyes so that your eyes are going *right*left*right*left*right*. I can also use other “bi-lateral stimulation” devices such as “tappers” and/or a head set. Stay with me, I know it can sound odd and truthfully, it seemed odd to me too at first, but one reason I was trained in this method is because I was able to experience how well it worked myself! I also sought the training because it is evidence-based and worked well with so many.

So the idea behind EMDR is that it may replicate what is occurring during REM sleep. Have you ever seen someone sleeping and marveled (or freaked out) at the motions the eyes made? The idea is that your brain has a way of healing itself and wants to heal itself and this is occurring during sleep and also during EMDR sessions. I can tell you that there is absolutely a commonality in how people process during an EMDR session. I do not share these experiences before an EMDR session as I would not want to lead or influence someone’s process, but there are definitely themes I notice that indicate that something awesome is happening in your brain and body. In general, the goal is to reduce how distressing you find an event and to have a healthier way of thinking about the event and yourself in relation to that event. So while it may not be magic, it is absolutely amazing and I’m happy to answer any questions you may have about if it is right for you!

Call to Artists! Display your Art.

Inspired by a very talented local artist whose work will likely be featured in my office in the near future, I’m reaching out to find other artists who would like to feature their art for a time span during this year. I find myself inspired by artists who can evoke emotions and thought with their art or who so ingeniously capture the experience of mood/emotion such as Toby Allen’s Real Monsters. Since I have the privilege of working with the young folks and families, along with adults, I would want to display something that all could benefit from.

While I thoroughly enjoyed the experience of creating this, below, I’m looking for something a tad bit more advanced! 😉

If interested, contact me at 407-455-2926 or Emoji Art

The Body Keeps The Score


I absolutely love that I continue to be inspired in my career; there is a never-ending supply of information and learning to be the best therapist I can be…I only wish I could just download it all to my brain in one day!

Currently, I’m wrapping up with “The Body Keeps the Score” by Bessel A. van der Kolk. He discusses the impact of trauma and adverse childhood experiences and treatments that work well to help people heal. One of those, EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a practice I am trained in and it was enjoyable to read the successes the author had with this treatment and others, including yoga and neurofeedback.

Some of these styles can be confusing…”sorry…you want me to watch you wave your hand in front of my eyes?”, so feel free to do your own research and ask your therapist more about it.  As an EMDR practitioner, I want those I work with to be informed about how it works and what to expect, so if this is something you want to try-just ask me about it!

Next up on the reading list: Francine Shapiro’s “Getting Past Your Past”. Have you read it or have other recommendations?


New Year, Same You

It’s 2017! Time to change everything about yourself, right? Not quite…

As someone who gets incredibly excited about fresh starts, especially when a new year rolls around, it may be surprising to read that I don’t want you to “throw the baby out with the bathwater” (what terrible phrases we have in the English language). What I mean to encourage, is that you acknowledge the incredible amount of strengths and good that are already inside of you. Sure 2016 was pretty terrible for many people, but you did grow in some way.

Take some time to reflect on what you learned about yourself in the past year, especially the good bits. Write it down. Did you form new positive relationships? How about trying something new? Were you successful in any way? Did you have any days of inner calm and peace? What were you most proud of? How did you brighten someone’s day? You can likely find some positive qualities or achievements by taking time to remember and appreciate them. Notice how you feel when you think of these positives in you/in your life.

Now, knowing that 2016 wasn’t complete rubbish, how can you cultivate and strengthen those good qualities that are already inside of you? Did it feel good to think of that time when you made a friend or family member smile/laugh when they were having a bad day? How can you create more of that?  Did you feel “on top of the world” after accomplishing that fitness goal? Make a detailed plan of how to get to that feeling again. Everything that you want to change is already within you. You and I are capable of tremendous things when we believe in ourselves. Let’s see what our inner superheroes can do, shall we?

So, Happy New Year and Cheers to the Same You, because you are beautiful and complete just as you are.

Enjoying the Holidays!



The holidays can be a time of stress for many, especially when it comes to money, family, and sugar cookies staying healthy.

Here are some ways I plan to enjoy this season. Maybe some of these will work for you, too.

  1. Check out holiday lights. Sparkly things tend to make me happy.
  2. Attend some (but not too many) of the events in the community. Have you seen Orlando Weekly’s Holiday Guide? It’s a good time to catch up with folks and spend time at your favorite places, but be careful of not over-booking.
  3. Get gift giving done early so that it can be thoughtful. Honestly, nobody really needs that terrible, last-minute impulse buy. Maybe you agree with family and friends to not do gifts, and instead spend some fun time together. Whatever you decide, try to avoid the impulse to spend on everything (set a budget) and avoid situations that you know will cause you unneeded anxiety.
  4. Check out your cheery-spirited friends and family! Look at them donating to good causes, volunteering their time, helping their neighbors. Look for the good in folks.
  5. Resist the temptation to eat ALL.THE.FOOD. Yes, there is balance in life but mood, energy, health can suffer from getting too caught up in all the foodstuffs.
  6. Of course, let’s all remember to use our coping skills…Breathing while stuck on I-4, Positive/Calm Thoughts while in that Wal-Mart line, Visualization of a happy place while your 3-year old loses it in the store, Grounding when our old friend anxiety starts to creep in.
  7. Need more tips or help dealing with ye olde holiday triggers? Pop in for some counseling sessions! We counselors are everywhere, especially throughout Central Florida.  I’d be happy to help you work through your stress, finding joy this season, and dealing with Aunt Franny’s fruitcake (eek!).