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Online Counseling or Tele-Therapy is becoming more common as people become more comfortable with and rely more on technology. This tool allows us to do the same good therapeutic or coaching work together while allowing you to remain in the comfort of your home or other convenient setting. Online Counseling is used to address the same issues that bring us to counseling and may even be a great way to get services to those who cannot access counseling in their communities, are looking for a specialist, or whose anxiety is preventing them from taking the steps to get to an office.

As I am licensed in the states of Florida and Colorado, I can see those who are residing and present in those states.  So, even though I am in Central Florida, I could be a support to an adoptive family in Miami; but if you are dealing with depression and anxiety in New York, we would have to work together to find a support for you with someone licensed in New York.

To access the convenience of online counseling, please first reach out to me so that we can determine if online counseling is right for you. I utilize a secure hosting tool called Doxy.Me for the sessions and also have a secure health record site to complete the required forms and send/receive messages.

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